How to distinguish the quality of upvc roofing sheet?

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  • Date:2021/04/17

In recent year,upvc roofing sheet was is popular in the roofing market, because of good anti-corrosion and easy installation.At the same time,how to check the quality of upvc roofing sheet is very important.

According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of large and small upvc roofing sheet manufacturers , using high weather resistant PVC powder, using ordinary ABS material, PVC co-extrusion or not co-extrusion at all to produce!What is more,some manufacturers even direct use recycling materials to produce.

Some people think if good quality for upvc roofing sheet should be:

1.The surface brightness is good quality

2.With plastic forceps bite constantly is good quality

3.Can not crush with the car is good quality

4.More heavier is good quality

If the appearance does not have apparent defect,only judged by feel,see,weigh in hands crush with car all is mistakes.

How to explain this question.

(1) Good surface brightness, belongs to the "light" series, easy to cause "light pollution", the cost is slightly lower than the "matte" series!Due to the bright color, it is easy to fade for the color and fade will be faster, as upvc roofing sheet manufacturers we do not not recommend use "light" series.


(2) With plastic forceps bite constantly, if upvc roofing sheet is only with good toughness!But does the weatherability meet the requirements?If the weatherability is poor, easy to deform and leak, the flexibility of leather is good toughness,but can it be used in the roof?Good toughness, but also to ensure the weather resistance.

(3) Can not crush with the car, this phenomenon is same as the plastic forceps bite constantly.

(4)More heavier is good quality, based on the same thickness, the more inorganic filling, the less plastic ingredients, the cheaper the cost!Why there are a lot of cheap upvc roofing sheet is easy crack after installation, because of of upvc roofing sheet manufacturers add too much calcium powder filler, or use a large number of recycled material to produce, the toughness of the product is not enough, for upvc roofing sheets in thermal expansion and contraction of the "internal stress" is greater than the breaking strength of the product.Which leads to crack.

In summary,please choose big upvc roofing sheet manufacturers and care the upvc roofing sheets price to check the quality.




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