Goeate / gaozhu roof is a pvc roof tile supplier manufacturing asa pvc roof tile , apvc roof tile and upvc roof tiles. 


Pvc roof tile is a kind of macro molecule material, which is made of plasticity material. Pvc as the main component, the properties of pvc resin itself, such as weather ability, fire proof, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, sound insulation and easy processing, make it the first choice of all kinds of building decoration materials.


There have many customers confuse that what is asa pvc roof tile , apvc roof tile and upvc roof tiles. And that different with pvc roof tile.


Generally speaking, pvc roof tile including?Asa pvc roof tile , apvc roof tile and upvc roof tiles.. When customers ask for pvc roof tile, we should confirm with them which pvc roof tile do they want.?Regarding the asa pvc roof tile , apvc roof tile and upvc roof tiles, all of them are pvc roof tile, so their properties is same.the technical information is same. 


The upvc roof tile is the one kind of pvc.??The "U" Means unplasticized which will make better quality with competitive price. Our pvc roof tile have 10 years life guarantee.


The apvc roof tile covered high weather resistant engineering plastic layer on surface which increase the durability and corrosive resistance products. Our apvc roof tile have 15 years life guarantee.


Asa pvc roof tile. It have covered asa layer on the surface which will protect the panels which ensure surface color not fade in 10 years. Our asa pvc roof tile have 25 years life guarantee and 10 years color guarantee.


However, different country have different preference. Such as thailand customers like apvc roof tile and asa pvc roof tile. Pakistan customers like upvc roof tile and asa pvc roof tile. Latin america customers like upvc roof tile most. So we also will recommend some products to new customers according to their local market.


Product feature,

1. Color stable.

2. Roof tile composite co-extrusion core layer shielding structure can greatly reduce sound transmission. 

2. Heat preservation and heat insulation

4. Pvc roof tile can long resist acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals. It suitable for suing in corrosive workshop, acid rain-prone area and coastal area.

5. Belonging flame retardant material with fire resistance tested by national authoritative departments. The roofing sheet selects highly weather-resistant resin, which is dense and absorbing no water, with no pore penetration problem.


Pvc roof tile could be widely replacing metal, wood and stone as structural products,building materials, decorative material and so on. It can be used in farm construction, paper mill construction, site construction, warehouse construction, factory construction, garage construction, winery, brick factory, chemical factory and other almost all kind of environmental project. 









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