With the development of science and technology, the number of building materials is innovate, including fiberglass rooing sheet, whick called FRP roofing, FRP sheet too. At present, cities and rural areas projects are vigorously using fiberglass rooing sheet. Why do everyone choose to use fiberglass rooing sheet for many building materials?


Traditional building roofs mostly use color steel tiles as building materials, which have many disadvantage. For example, in the rainy season, long-term accumulation of water will lead to often appear. Over time, the roof will rot and corrode, and then it have to refurbishment.


GOEATE fiberglass rooing sheet can completely solve these problems. Rainwater can flow down the FRP sheet surface, and the dirt can also be washed away with the rainwater. At the same time, the advantages of fiberglass roofing sheet is good sound insulation. Tests of phonological measurement show that when subjected to external noises such as heavy rain, hail, and gale, FRP roofing sheet can well absorb noise or reduce noise passing through. The light weight is easy to install and transport.


GOEATE fiberglass roofing sheet not only has good sound insulation, but also has excellent impact resistance, because FRP roofing uses advanced technical titles and has strong hardness, even facing strong typhoon and hail weather, FRP roofing sheet will not have much impact. After years, the color and luster will remain.


GOEATE fiberglass roofing sheet feature details:


1.Light transmission: FRP sheet light transmission is from 30%-85%, Light through FRP lighting sheet scalters, it is mild. So it will not form a light band and make indoor brighter.


2.Corrosion resistance: Fiberglass roofing sheet resist various acids alkali and other chemical substances.


3.Weather resistance: UV material can absorb ultraviolet ray anc surface of FRP lighting sheet covered 23um anti-aging Dupont film,which improves weather resistance.


4.Impact resistance: The strengthening fiber glass materials crisscorss the structure of FRP lighting sheet, which helps to improve the impact resistance of FRP sheet.


5.Fire retardant: FRP lighting sheet have grade l and grade ll fire retardation, grade l fire retardation 0l32,grade ll fire retarda tion 0l≥26. lt meet requirement of fire department.



    FRP translucent sheet was adopts present advanced technology, using unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber as main material, surface covered 23um protective file.





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