Since the PVC roof tile come out, it is more than more popular. As we all know, after used steel roofing for several decades, there have many disadvantages emerged. The biggest problem is serious corrosion. People found that the steel roof tile use in chemical plant or near seaside, the roof tile would easier erosion. And it need a lot of cost to change it. However, PVC roof tile have been invented. It is anti-corrosive and really suitable for corrosive environment.

GAOZHU ROOF (GOEATE ROOF), an ASA Synthetic resin roof tile manufacturer found in 2007. It has exported to various countries since 2008. As a UPVC roof tile suppliers, we did a lot of engineering. Such as the GUANGZHOU city beautification in the 2010 Asian Games. When you from GUANGZHOU to FOSHAN, you would saw many Brick Red color Synthetic resin tile on both sides of the highway. Such as a slum construction government project in Venezuela. They purchase a lot of synthetic resin tile with from many factory, one of them is GAOZHU ROOF (GOEATE ROOF). Such as a huge ceramics factory project in Vietnam. It is the ASA PVC roof tile and UPVC roof tile project. Such as UPVC conservatory roof tile for greenhouse or farms with polycarbonate translucent sheet.

From 2017, there have a lot of ASA synthetic resin roof tile manufacturer appear. Most of them are family workshop with one or two production line. As we know that now there have more than 10 thousand ASA synthetic resin roof tile factory (including family workshop) in China.

In October 2017, SYNTHETIC RESIN TILE GUILD have been found. The purpose of the GUILD is development of synthetic resin tile industry standards and specification production.

GAOZHU ROOF (GOEATE ROOF) not only UPVC roof tile supplier, but also Polycarbonate sheet. Because there have a lot of project need translucent polycarbonate roof panels to match. Translucent polycarbonate roof panels is one kind of polycarbonate sheet. While Polycarbonate translucent sheet is really taken off.

As a UPVC roof tile supplier with more than 10 years production experience, we have gained a lot of project experience and industry information. You could find more details in our website.




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