How to Install UPVC Roof Tiles?

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  • Date:2021/06/03

Cutting devices


Point processor: The quickest choice. Wear hearing and eye assurance. Paint or prime slice edges to forestall rust.


Roundabout saw: Slower than point processor, however, adhere to same guidelines. Utilize a metal sharp edge and anticipate that it should wear rapidly.


Nibbler: Effective whenever appraised for the correct metal and check.


Tin Snips: Slow however protected. Wear work gloves and track down the longest pair you can.


1. Introduce brackets and purlins with great quality materials. It very well may be excellent wooden, metal or tempered steel. The distance of supports and purlins ought to be adjusted to standard of provider's guidance.


2. Introduce the boards. Spot them straightforwardly onto purlins that are joined to the Upvc roof tiles, starting outwardly edge.


Close or close the closures with a wood or plastic strip under the board at each end. These will stop the section of downpour, wind and vermin.


3. Pre-drill openings on the edges. Utilize a legitimate bore.


4. Screw down the boards. Proceed across the Upvc roof tiles until it is totally covered, lapping over the past board by two wave (about 125mm) for folded type Upvc roof tiles (in any event 63mm least) and one wave for trapezoidal sort roof sheet . Change the lap so the last board finishes the inclusion without making a cut longwise.


5. Complete the contrary side. On the off chance that your roof is two-sided (and not simply a solitary slant), rehash the establishment on the opposite side of the roof, and introduce a layered edge cap as you continue across with the boards.




The purlins support the boards. On the off chance that you are putting Upvc roof tiles over a current roof, you actually use purlins. The purlins not just give you some different option from the current roof to acknowledge the roof sheet clasp, they additionally make an airspace between the roof sheets and the current roof. Without the purlins, the roof sheets would sit straightforwardly on the current roof, you would get dampness developing under the roof sheets.


Roofs aren't for remaining on. There's a decent possibility you'll harm a folded roof by remaining on it. Along these lines, when introducing Upvc roof tiles, we would be wise to step on the position where upheld by purlins or brackets.


On a layered roof, consistently fix at the highest point of the edge to limit the run - in of dampness.


Try not to penetrate openings for the tightens the valley of the edges to forestall spills.




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