Recycled PVC Roof Tiles Gain In Popularity

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  • Date:2021/05/12

The impetus for recycled PVC roof tiles begins with an easy observation: Where many see an eyesore, others find a business opportunity.


These folks see “mountains of money in mountains of trash,” and lots of successful recycling operations begin with this observation.


PVC roof tiles, as an example, are made with 30% PVC waste and 70% sand. The discarded PVC comes in many forms and kinds and has various melting points. Separating all this material are often a rather lengthy and expensive operation.


But, within the case of recycled PVC roof tiles, this mixture is often processed without the necessity for separation because of the experimentation of dedicated engineers.


For the manufacture of PVC roof tiles, the fabric is separated into hard and soft material, diced into small pieces, combined then melted. This PVC mixture is mixed with sand and a colorant and melted again. The resultant blend is then molded into tile shapes and cooled.


These recycled PVC roof tiles will wear longer than metal roofing and there's no asbestos padding involved. The addition of sand to the combination gives these tiles considerable durability and it's environmentally safe and doesn't emit harmful substances. Recycled PVC Roof Tiles


The shingles are shockproof and can not break if dropped from a height. Importantly the tiles don't absorb moisture and are very easy to wash if do desire.


PVC building material is becoming increasingly available and is virtually indistinguishable from ceramic. It also has the added advantage of being cheaper than natural ceramic tiling also as most metal roofing products. The tiles are often used for stone, brick, wooden buildings, both in new construction and in the reconstructed property.


Quality recycled PVC roof tiles have a high degree of noise insulation and low thermal conductivity. immune to temperature changes, the tiles remain cool in summer and add warmth during the winter.


Lastly, these tiles don't interfere with the reception of radio waves, television programs and don't attract electricity.


If you’re within the marketing for brand spanking new roofing you would possibly want to think about PVC roof tile. Attractive, inexpensive, and good for the environment.




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