The introduction of synthetic tile roofing (part 1)

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2021/01/18

       The introduction of synthetic tile roofing : synthetic spanish roof tiles is based on super weather-resistant engineering resin ASA and PVC resin as main materials, adding stabilizers, impact modifiers, imported anti-ultraviolet agents, antioxidants, flame retardants and other expensive additives, using today's advanced co-extrusion technology a new type of synthetic tile roofing made by one-time processing.

       Synthetic tile roofing supplier of Gaoyi brand synthetic tile roofing direct sales manufacturer has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal insulation performance, excellent water resistance and load resistance, long-lasting color, simple installation, green and environmental protection and other product characteristics, and its appearance is beautiful and three-dimensional.

       Strong and colorful, yes, it is widely used in roofing fields such as flat slopes, villas, mobile houses, garden pavilions, farmhouses, and new rural reconstruction.


The specification of synthetic spanish roof tiles:



Width: 1050mm/720mm

Length:customized according to the times of pitch 219mm

Wave spacing:160mm

Wave height:30mm

Pitch: 218mm

Availabled color:, brick red, orange, blue, gray, dark green ect


The product features of synthetic spanish roof tiles :

Excellent corrosion resistance

synthetic tile roofing produced by the direct synthetic spanish roof tile manufacturers of Gaoyi brand synthetic resin tiles can resist the corrosion of various chemicals such as acids, alkalis and salts for a long time. Experiments show that there is no chemical reaction after soaking in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours. It is more effective when used in acid rain-prone areas and coastal areas.


Excellent thermal insulation performance

The thermal conductivity of synthetic spanish roof tiles from the direct manufacturers of Gaoyi brand synthetic resin tiles is 0.325W/M.K, which is about 1/310 of clay tiles, 1/5 of cement tiles, and 1/2000 of 0.5MM thick color steel tiles. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of Gaoyi brand can still reach the best without considering the insulation layer.




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