Which Is The Best Roofing Material For Countryside House Roofing ?

  • By:Goeateroof Tile
  • Date:2021/11/25

If the roof foundation is the most important of the house, the roof is also cannot be ignored as the surface of the housing,but also a symbol of a family's appearance. After all, the tiles cover and make our house beautiful,we should choose what kinds of roofing sheet be carefully. Although in the past, we only have several kinds of roof tile can choose, such as traditional cement tile. Due to the development of economic society, more and more kinds of tiles has become a choice by people. Which is the best choice for the countryside house roofing ?


In countryside, most of people chose residential pvc roofing sheet as the roof for their house. residential pvc roofing sheet also called spanish coloring sheets by people. It is durable and economical, the environmental protection, the beauty is generous.



First of all, for the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional cement tile, Cement tile is made by pressing or rolling a certain proportion of cement sand, so as to cut into each piece of tile with nail empty. Today, the color of cement tile is more and more, the service life is very long, the cost is relatively cheap, and adopts the roller pressure type for cement tile, color is very durable. But the impermeability, frost resistance is poor, and the service life is very short, If after you change the tile will have expensive cost. so less poeple choose it as the house roofing.


But for the spanish roof tile sheet adopts Europe advanced co-extrusion technology, using ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic and PVC as main material, mixing some chemical ingredients. It has good more advantages, such as lighting, flame retardancy, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance. It is not easy to be embrittlement like ordinary plastic products. It is the new environmental protection roofing building materials that the government promotes and applies. However we have to pay attention to the sheet, the highest temperature is 60 degrees Celsius, if more than 60 degrees Celsius, the sheet will be deformed easily.


Now on the market there are lot of residential pvc roofing sheet was made in recycled material. When you are order the residential pvc roofing sheet, please you care more the quality, not just for the price. Chinese goods are not low quality and certainly value for money. To sum up, the contrast between the cement tile and residential pvc roofing sheet, although cement tile is good, it is not environmental protection.


Residential pvc roofing sheet is relatively moderate in price, construction and installation is convenient, is a safe and reliable and durable building environmental protection roofing material.In short,you would be better to choose the roofing material depending on the location and reality situation.Choosing the best one that is fit for you.




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