How to distinguish the quality of synthetic resin roof tile?

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  • Date:2021/03/20

How to distinguish the ASA synthetic resin roof tile:

1.The surface is bright and beautiful

In fact, there is a misunderstanding to check the quality of  synthetic resin roof tile.It is just to make the surface more beautiful;And matte is to avoid light pollution.It is must be highly weatherable ASA resin.the service life and color change is same under the sunlight.

 But we can are the quality of the surface material .Good quality synthetic resin tile have to use asa (not abs ,pmma )which was made of imported resin paint as surface material.asa layer thickness ≥0.15mm, to ensure that the color not fading in ten years ,30-yearlife quality warranty.

2.The weight of synthetic resin roof tile

Most of people will check the weight,they think the heavier,the better of product,it is not professional method.In the market,there are some ynthetic resin roof tile is easy break.when installed.because some suppliers add some heavy calcium carbonate and other fillers.which not only can not guarantee the life of the product ,and the product is very brittle and easy to break. when is in thermal expansion,if the external force is greater than the "tension" of the product, there will be broken.

  3.Test with fire for synthetic resin roof tile

This test method is also not professonal.Judge the quality of synthe resin roof tile.The range of fire is generally used to determine the combustion performance.According to the standard,the fire performance must comply with GB/T50222-1995 (B1 level).when tile away from the fire,it would immediately self-extinguishing.but fire would spread and have pungent smell.if the poor quality of synthetic resin tile added a plasticizer that is helpful to the tile combustion,so that it can not meet fire protection requirement.In addition the weather resistance of tile is bad. when exposed to the sun ,bad quality the synthetic resin tile or upvc roof tile is easy broken.


(1) To judge the quality of synthetic resin tile must be tested by the laboratory in all aspects of the comprehensive performance.

(2) To buy good products, we also need to check the supplier's company development history, scale, brand, and comprehensive strength of an enterprise, including its culture and values.Because these also determine the positioning of the product and product quality.

(3) To buy a product,do not only to compare the price,what you pay,what you get.There is no point in buying at a low price.




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