ASA PVC roof tile is a one kind of PVC roof tile

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  • Date:2021/03/13

The global resin industry is developing very rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 4% to 6%. The main reason for this growth is that resin materials have replaced traditional materials such as metals, wood, and minerals to a certain extent. In fact, the various additives added in the resin are also very helpful to the successful application of PVC anti-corrosive tile materials.


Among the various types of additives used, polymer impact modifiers and processing aids not only provide valuable properties for the polymer, but also improve the processing performance of the product. Such as toughening treatment, rheological properties control, appearance, processing properties and economic factors are all important properties.


Additives are added to the PVC anti-corrosive tile in the production process to make the product better reflect its use value. In fact, the use of additives is not to save costs, it is an indispensable raw material.


ASA PVC roof tile is a one kind of PVC roof tile. It have color guarantee which ensure the color could lighting in 10 years. Under the ASA PVC layer protective, the ASA PVC roof tile are more durable, using more than 25 years.


Normally, ASA PVC roof tile is with 4 layer.


 First layer: The adoption of highly weather resistant engineering resin ASA which makes sure the surface layer has at least 10 years’ color stability, superior UV resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance as well. Which increase the durability and corrosive resistance products.


Second layer: Good quality modified PVC materials with high toughness is adopted to ensure the strength while without compromising on the rigidity.


Third layer: White, tough and durable material, which can increase sense of space and brightness for buildings. It delivers good heat and sound insulation.

Fourth layer:adopts high toughness to ensure both strength and rigidity. The special material also offers a sense of space, and makes the building interior look brighter.


Anti Corrosive ASA PVC Roof Tile has good advantage. Outstanding waterproof performance, compact and non-absorbent, it is a new type of roofing building material that can be free of waterproof layer.


Anti Corrosive ASA PVC Roof Tile could long-lasting color, strong acid and alkali resistance, never rust, smooth surface, like new after rain;

ASA PVC plastic tile is currently a new type of environmentally friendly roof tile with the lightest weight, strongest weather resistance, and lowest overall cost among roofing building materials. Anti Corrosive ASA PVC Roof Tile is rich in color, has a wide range of categories and complete supporting facilities. It can be widely used in different fields to meet the needs of customers. demand.




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