PVC Plastic Roof Tiles Used For The Animal Husbandry

  • By:PVC Plastic Roof Tiles Used For The Animal Husbandry
  • Date:2021/03/20

In life, everyone has a cozy home, animals like human beings,they also need to have a comfortable home home like human beings.

We are pvc plastic roof tile manufacturer,pvc plastic roof tiles,synethetic resin roof tile.

PVC plastic roof tiles is one kind of lightweight roof tiles.as the animals roof house,we should consider the roof material whether is good for animals heath.Choose some features of the PVC plastic roof tiles is very important for animals.

1.Corrosive Resistance for our pvc plastic roof tiles

1).Physical factors

Temperature,humidity,radiant heat,Illumination,Acoustics

2).Chemical factors

Odor,Carbon Dioxide,Ammonia,Microorganism,Animal emissions

Barns and compost sites will inevitably product H2S,NH3 and other corrosive gases,and ammonia concentration increase rapidly over time,so severe corrosion and perforation will occur after 1-2 years if color steel sandwich panels and steel sheet are used in the environment.

2.Temperature resistance for pvc plastic roof tiles

As the skin of pigs is thick,in hot weather,pigs swat a lot and their sebaceous gland holes will shrink,High temperature and high humidity,the pigs get sick easily and their weight gain is influenced.

What’s more,especially in summer,if temperature is high and exceeds 30℃,at the time of farrowing,the stillbirth rate for sows increases by about 20%.

Regard to the Chickens,during the laying period of chickens,the appropriate temperature range is 13-24℃,if temperature exceeds 30℃,the laying rate and egg weight will decrease.In higher temperature,chickens grow slowly,adipopexis and reducing body weight.

3.Lightweight for pvc plastic roof tiles

pvc plastic roof tiles is lightweight roof tiles,it is easy to install,the wood purlin is also can use.That can help us save the more cost.

4.Strong fire resistance for pvc plastic roof tiles

Fireproofing performance is class B1 level test by the National Fire Department.It is a flame retardant materials.

In summary,pvc plastic roof tiles is a lightweight roof tiles,is a fire resistance roofing sheet.Use the pvc plastic roof tiles is the best choose for the animals.





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