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  • Date:2021/03/11

With the rapid development of society and industry, more and more new roofing materials appear. As a new type of environmentally friendly and green corrosion-resistant building materials in the 21st century, anti-corrosion PVC tiles have many unique advantages such as strong anti-corrosion performance and anti-aging performance.

Nowadays, the anti-corrosion PVC tile has gradually replaced the traditional color steel tile factory building. Under the current background of vigorously developing the circular economy and low-carbon economy, it is necessary to seize the development opportunities and continue to promote and develop the anti-corrosion tile industry is of far-reaching significance.

At present, the future market of the anti-corrosive PVC roof tile industry is very broad and there are rare development opportunities. In this situation, a large number of PVC roof factory have appeared, however the quality of the products produced is also uneven. Therefore, more than a dozen leading PVC roofing suppliers gathered together to jointly formulate industry standards. And confirm the PVC roofing system. "Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tile" is an industry standard implemented on December 1, 2019. 

It is a great honor for GOEATE / GAOZHU ROOF to be one of the PVC roofing suppliers who set standards. Since the establishment of GOEATE / GAOZHU PVC roof tile factory, we have produced in strict accordance with the standards and PVC roofing system. All along, GOEATE / GAOZHU ROOF maintaining high quality, high output and cost-effective services provide to our customers.

However, with the development of the market, more and more small enterprises have joined the PVC roof tile industry. From more than a dozen PVC roof tile factories in 2005 to thousands of PVC roofing suppliers now, many of them are family workshops with one or two production lines. In order to seize market share, they offer abnormally low price which made of recycled materials, and the quality is poor. It broke in two or three years without after-sales service. They even don’t have PVC roofing system. Many customers suffered a lot in this situation.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It is the eternal truth. PVC roofing suppliers would adjusted their price according to the raw materials. Now, the price of raw materials is keep rising. The regular PVC roof tile factories will adjust the price of PVC roof tiles according to the price of the materials. However, according to some customer feedback, some factories are offered a quotation lower than the previous prices. This is against the law of economics. It is conceivable whether there is any problem with the quality of these factories and whether the after-sales service is in place.

We have cooperated with our customers for many years, and we recommend that they choose a formal factory to ensure the quality to achieve long-term development.




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