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  • Date:2022/02/10

Thinking of building a greenhouse and need to know the best type of polycarbonate to use? Or maybe you already have a greenhouse and need working supplies to keep your plants happy and healthy. Goeate polycarbonate sheets are the ideal material to protect plants and keep them safe. There are many different polycarbonate panels, so which type is best for a greenhouse?



Lexan is a premium grade polycarbonate commonly used in greenhouses. Made in two flat, clear sides that give it a glass-like appearance. It is very strong and can be bent and shaped for many different purposes. This makes Lexan polycarbonate ductile by applying heat and pressure. It transmits light at a rate of 84-87%. Lexan polycarbonate can also be easily cut, especially for thinner sheets. Available in many different sizes and can be painted and printed.


Double-walled transparent polycarbonate


 Triple Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet.jpg


Double wall polycarbonate greenhouse is also sometimes referred to as a double-walled or multi-layered panel. The double-walled construction is durable enough to withstand any high impact. The transparent surface allows light to transmit easily through the polycarbonate, giving your plants the light they need. Despite its durability, clear double-walled polycarbonate is relatively easy to cut. This facilitates adaptation to the greenhouse frame. Although light passes easily through this type of polycarbonate, it is not entirely transparent, so keep that in mind.


Transparent polycarbonate roof sheet for greenhouse



The transparent polycarbonate roof panels are basically the same polycarbonate material as the double-walled clear polycarbonate, but it has a unique structure and design. Its outer surface provides UV protection for your greenhouse. It also provides good diffused light to the greenhouse.


Good width and thickness of the greenhouse

It is also important to consider the width and thickness of the polycarbonate suitable for use in the greenhouse. The width of the sheet is generally between 4 and 2.5 mm. 4mm polycarbonate is one of the most common materials used in garden greenhouses. The weather plays an important role in determining the right width for a greenhouse. In areas where snow and wind are more of a concern, your greenhouse will benefit from thicker material as it will better withstand the elements.


Choosing the Right Polycarbonate Color for Your Greenhouse

Choosing the right color for your greenhouse's polycarbonate material is more important than you might think. Some colors do better than others, or let light through, getting as much light as possible is essential to the health of your plants. In general, turquoise and blue polycarbonates (with low wavelengths and potentially harmful) are a bad idea for a greenhouse. Colors can also change the appearance of plants in a greenhouse due to the way light passes through them. The best colors you can use for your greenhouse are yellow or a classic clear.


Provide UV protective coating

You should be careful that your polycarbonate material has a UV protective coating. Goeate experts recommend it to ensure your polycarbonate panels protect your plants from the sun's harmful rays.




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