Why Is Residential PVC Roofing So Popular ?

  • By:Goeate
  • Date:2022/02/08

When people saying residential PVC roofing, most of people think of spanish roofing tile (Synthetic Resin Tile) for the first time. In the beginning spanish roofing tile solves the problem of encaustic tile disadvantage, such as heavy, complicated installation, large of maintenance engineering, etc. So, spanish roofing tile looks like a encaustic tile in appearance. And it is really popular using in Residential roofing.


When people talked about PVC roof tiles, many people first think of using them as factory roofs and warehouse roofs. Because PVC roof tiles have been research and development because of replaced metal roofing sheet. After several tens of years using, metal roofing sheet have been found many kind of disadvantage, for example, rust easily, very heavy, not suitable for the seaside, etc. However, in many country, PVC roof tiles are used in residential. 




In China, you could fine that a lot of Residential PVC Roofing in countryside. Residents will put Residential PVC Roofing for their house roofing. Husbandman used Residential PVC Roofing to their farm home. Besides, Residential PVC Roofing also would be used in finca and veranda. Knowing from your customers, they purchase a lot of PVC Roofing sheet, including ASA PVC roof tile, APVC roof tile, UPVC roof tile, and UPVC translucent sheet. They feedback that local clients are like PVC roofing sheet the most.


Why is Residential PVC Roofing so popular ?

1. The PVC roof tile has the same shape of metal sheet. Most of customers are familiar.

2. PVC roofing are anti-corrosion which are more durable in seaside roofing.

3. PVC roof sheet could be 0.8mm to 3.0mm thickness, it could meet different needs.

4. The price-quality ratio of PVC roofing sheet is high.

5. Easier installation, it could save cost of manual installation.

6. Strong self-cleaning ability.



Whatever Spanish roofing tile (Synthetic Resin Tile) or PVC roof tile, they are not only could be used for residential roofing or industrial roofing. Customer will pick up what do they want. GOEATE ROOF is a manufacturer having 15 years production experience. In the past 14 years, we get a lot of project idea from our customers. So we have got a lot of roofing experience. If you have any roofing project need some suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hope you could get a warmly and satisfy home.





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