How Much Does Spanish Plastic Roof Tiles Cost ?

  • By:Goeate
  • Date:2022/01/23

According to the complete law of value, value determines price, and price fluctuates up and down due to supply and demand. The price of spanish plastic roof tiles in the local market is affected by many factors, such as purchase price, sea freight, supply and demand, etc. However, the price of PVC roofing manufacturers is mainly affected by the price of PVC raw materials.


Since 2021, from January to May, the price of PVC raw materials has increase from 7,000 RMB to 9,000 RMB per ton, which had increased 30%. From June to October, the price of raw materials rose from 8,700 RMB to 14,000 RMB per ton, a price increase of 60%. According to the rising trend of raw material prices, PVC roofing manufacturers constantly adjust the price of PVC roof tiles. Prices are updated almost weekly from September to October. Fortunately, prices fell back in November, but it is remained high.


spanish plastic roof


Looking back on the price increase in 2021, many customers are looking for cheaper suppliers, or looking for others cheaper roofing material to instead of PVC roof tiles. As we all know, price determines quality. If the PVC roof tiles made of the same PVC raw materials, the price will not be too different. However, in order to meet customer requirements for lower prices, some spanish plastic roof tiles manufacturers use recycle materials, or reduces the PVC roof tile thickness. All of them will effect spanish plastic roof tiles quality .


What is the price of spanish synthetic resin tile ? This is a big question, involving products, shipping, tariffs, etc. To be sure, synthetic resin tiles are definitely not the cheapest roof tiles, but many people still choose it. Comparing the perspective of service life, installation costs, maintenance costs, etc., the cost performance of synthetic resin tiles is the highest, especially the anti-corrosion function of synthetic resin tiles, which can be used in coastal areas and in corrosive environments. If you want to know the price of GOEATE ROOF Spanish plastic roof tiles, please contact us via email





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