How Many Kinds of Lighting Tiles Can We Provide?

  • By:Goeate
  • Date:2022/01/25

The light transmittance of the lighting tile is the biggest bright spot, which has become the most popular roof material in the factory now. The lighting tile mainly uses the direct light. Through the outdoor direct radiation, the sunlight can be evenly distributed in all corners of the room, which can improve the uniformity of indoor lighting and improve our visual comfort. To a certain extent, the outdoor lighting panels could be a shading that can improve the thermal effect near the windows, reduce the air conditioning load and direct glare, reduce the direct radiation of sunlight to us, and protect our health.


GOEATE ROOF is a manufacturer who specialized in plastic roofing sheet, including PVC material roofing, Fiberglass material roofing ( FRP material roofing sheet), and Polycarbonate material roofing for skylight. When you need some lighting tiles, which material lighting roofing should you choose? It depends on what environment you are using.



1. Is this an environment with corrosive substances? Such as seaside, dyeing factory, brick factory, etc. As we all know PVC roof tile and Fiberglass roofing sheet are anti-corrosion roofing, if your roofing is in a corrosive environment, we suggest you could choose translucent PVC roofing sheet and FRP roofing sheet. Polycarbonate corrugated sheet are not anti-corrosion


2. Do you required special shape roofing? Each roofing factory have their roofing products with different shape. If you need special roofing shape, they need to made a new mold. However, made a new mold for translucent PVC roofing sheet and polycarbonate corrugated sheet is really high. In this situation, we suggest FRP roofing sheet.


translucent pvc roofing sheet

3. Do you need strong light transmittance? The light transmittance of Polycarbonate corrugated sheet is 75% to 95%. The light transmittance of FRP roofing sheet is 55% to 75%. The light transmittance of translucent PVC roofing sheet is 45% to 65%.


4. What material roofing sheet do you want to match? Normally, there are 3 kind of most popular warehouse roofing sheet in the market, plastic roofing sheet, metal roofing sheet and asbestos roofing tile. Plastic roofing sheet could be matched translucent PVC roofing sheet, FRP roofing sheet, polycarbonate corrugated sheet. Fiberglass roofing sheet match metal tile would be better. Translucent PVC roofing sheet, FRP roofing sheet are available for asbestos roofing tile.


According to the current situation, the roof of the lighting tile has high light transmittance. A big factory working 8 hours a day can effectively utilize natural light, which can save about 500,000 kilowatts electricity. It make a huge contribution to energy saving and emission reduction. If you have roofing project that want to get some suggestion, please feel free to contact us. 




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