How To Distinguish The Quality of Resin Tile ?

  • By:Goeate
  • Date:2022/01/13

There are more people choice synthetic resin slate for roof decoration as synthetic resin slate with green, energy saving, environmental protection advantage. But the synthetic resin tile slate on the market is various, different brands, even counterfeit. Because of the different raw materials, technology, production, quality, price etc, the differences are also large.


For ordinary consumers, how to distinguish the quality of  synthetic resin slate?



To determine the quality of synthetic resin tiles, it cannot be judged solely from a certain performance, but should be judged by combining the various performances of the product ! High-quality synthetic resin tiles should meet a series of technical indicators such as heating state change, drop impact, combustion performance, bearing performance, stress resistance test, aging performance test stipulated in the national industry standard, all of which need to be passed through professional laboratories. experimental. Therefore, when choosing resin tiles, consumers should understand a spanish roof tile supplier‘s comprehensive strength, production standards, production scale, company and product positioning, corporate culture and other relevant information.


GOEATE ROOF, a spanish roof tile supplier, as a participating unit of the professional standards for building materials and home furnishing "Synthetic Resin Tile" (T/CBMCA 007-2019) and "Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tile" (T/CBMCA 008-2019), is the standardization for the roof tile industry. The construction has made positive contributions and won the title of "Roofing Tile Industry Benchmark Enterprise", which has been unanimously recognized by the industry and abroad. Over the years, GOEATE spanish coloring sheet has sold well at home and abroad, and its products have been exported to dozens of countries such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. 


GOEATE ROOF is a brand that consumers can trust.




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