The Main Advantages And Applications of Fiberglass Roof Tiles

  • By:Goeate
  • Date:2022/01/15

Advantages of Fiberglass Roof Tiles

1. High light transmittance: The light transmittance of frp lighting panels can reach up to 90%, which is similar to glass.

2. Impact resistance: The impact strength of fiberglass roof tiles is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic plate of the same thickness, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. There is no crack when the hammer below 3 kg drops two meters. It has the reputation of "no broken glass" and "strong steel".

3. UV protection: It can filter 99% of UV rays in sunlight.

4. Light weight: The proportion of Fiberglass Roof Tiles is only half of that of glass, which saves the cost of transportation, handling, installation and supporting frame.

  fiberglass roof tiles 

5. Flame retardant: confirmed by the national standard GB 50222-95, divided into primary flame retardant and secondary flame retardant.

6. Bendability: According to the design drawings, the cold bending method can be used to install the arched, semi-circular roof and windows on the construction site. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the sheet used, and it can also be thermally bent.

7. The frp lighting board has high strength and long service life, which can reach more than 15-20 years. Corrosion resistance.

8. The fiberglass roofing sheet has strong stability and has no effect on the product between -30°C and 130°C.

9. Select special properties such as flame retardants as needed. It is the first choice for building anticorrosion in chemical and metallurgical industries. 




Applications of Fiberglass Roof Tiles

1. Animal and plant greenhouse lighting;

2. Lighting of roofs and walls of industrial plants and civil buildings. For example, lighting strips in factories, hotel halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, parking lots, etc.

3. Goeate fiberglass roof panel for sale is made of alkali-free glass fiber mat, polyester resin, anti-aging film and other materials, and is mechanized and continuously formed.

4. The appearance is smooth, the section size is accurate, and the cutting length is optional;

5. The service life of frp lighting panels can reach 10-20 years, and the light transmittance is above 85%;

6. Due to its strong permeability and uniform distribution of fibers, the room is warm and soft, and the transmittance of ultraviolet rays is low.

7. The Fiberglass Roof Tiles has high strength, good impact resistance, can be impacted by hail, and does not affect the normal use of the board; 

8. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect. Double-layer frp lighting panels can be used in alpine areas.

9. The application of Fiberglass Roof Tiles as wall lamps greatly reduces the construction cost of aluminum alloy windows.




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