Can PVC plastic roof tile solve the corrosion problem of plant roof?

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  • Date:2021/06/21

10 years ago, color steel tile has been widely popularized and applied, almost become the standard of all kinds of factories and warehouses. Later, it was found that the color steel tile burst in the natural environment and is easy to rust, especially in the use of corrosive gas in the industrial production environment, in some more serious cases, the steel tile was installed after less than 1 year, it will be corroded. On the plant structure, wall, roof, etc., will cause corrosive damage, especially after the exterior wall and roof of the plant are corroded, not only affect the overall image of the plant but also bring water leakage, affecting the operation of the factory and a series of problems. It is emergent to manufacture anti corrosion roof tile pvc.


The cost of colored steel tile is not too high, but the cost to maintain the roof after rust will be much higher than the material cost of colored steel tile itself. And the maintenance work will also affect the operation of the production. Moreover, colored steel tile is easy to absorb the heat in summer, the temperature in the plant will be very high; On rainy days, the roof will be very noisy. Therefore, the people began to look for a kind of corrosion resistance, good heat insulation effect, noise reduction, and other functions of the factory roof tile. Thus, there exists heat insulation synthetic roof tile pvc for people.


PVC plastic roof tile is a good choice, it is not iron products but pvc roofing material, never rust, the experiment proved that PVC plastic tile in salt, alkali and 60% of the following various acids soaked for 24 hours without chemical reaction, very suitable for acid rain prone areas, corrosive factories, and coastal areas.


PVC plastic roof tile are made by extrusion of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is manufactured by 3 layer co-extrusion technology by one-time processing.

The surface material: high weather-resistant engineering plastic, which increases the durability and corrosion of products.

The middle material layer: Lightproof modified PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin), with superb rigidity and toughness, which block out sunlight and ensures strength and rigidity.

The sub-layer material layer: White, tough, and durable material, which can increase the sense of space and brightness for buildings.


It is an ideal material for construction projects with heat insulation requirements. Suitable for plant construction, warehouse, farmers market, channel, shed farm, and other fields. PVC plastic roof tile can solve the problem of rust and corrosion as pvc corrosion resistance roof tile and anti corrosion pvc plastic roof tile. PVC plastic roof tile is suitable for various places,such as farm pvc roof tile.




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