Why choose Spanish PVC tiles for our constructions?

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  • Date:2021/06/24

Spanish pvc tiles have now become one of the most popular materials used for Fire Resistant Roofing.

This is due to its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation , high impact resistance , Fire Resistant Roofing, among many other benefits.

The imitation Spanish pvc tile is an ideal substitute for traditional ceramic tiles both in cost, ease of installation, weight when transporting and more qualities that we will see below.


In fact,Fire Resistant Roofing Sheet have revolutionized the housing market both commercially and residentially. There are a number of reasons why people have chosen to install Spanish pvc tile sheets instead of other roofing options such as ceramic tiles, metal sheets, fiberglass sheets, among others.


Next, we will review some of the reasons that are making Spanish pvc tiles the favorite roofing option. 


1. Give your buildings a touch of color

Fire Resistant Roofing Sheets have a characteristic and striking vibrant orange color that highlights any construction in which they are installed.

We also have Fire Resistant Roofing in terracotta color , if you want to opt for a more traditional color for your ceilings.

Whatever color you choose for your Spanish-type PVC tiles, they will add a touch of style to your construction, giving it a classic and elegant tone , which is one of its main attractions.


2. Easy maintenance.

One of the most attractive advantages of the Fire Resistant Roofing Sheets is that it is easy to clean and it can be said that it is practically unnecessary since normally the rain will do the work for us.


In case of some kind of unforeseen event or if you simply want to remove traces of dirt or dust, cleaning is extremely simple.


It is not necessary to invest in extra machinery such as pressure washers, or other accessories for deep cleaning, just spray our Spanish pvc tile roof with a simple garden house and that's it!

3.Cost effectiveness

Economically, Fire Resistant Roofing Sheets is a perfect investment option both in the short and long term.


Their affordable cost makes them an economical and elegant alternative, which will not require maintenance investments for long years.


In addition to their high durability, Spanish pvc tiles offer us a very remarkable extra benefit such as acoustic insulation, which avoids us having to spend extra amounts of money to reduce the passage of external sound into our homes.


Are you thinking of installing PVC tiles in your construction? Call us today! and request your personalized quote.




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