Superiority Of GOEATE Roof Tile

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  • Date:2020/07/11

About Anti-corrosion

Hard steel has its weak side.

With the rapid development of industry, corrosion problem are more and more serious. According to statistics, loss of steel materials accounts for about one-tenth of anual steel production for corrosion each year in the world, China’s annual losses due to corrosion caused up to more than 2800 billion Yuan, nearly 4% of GDP, Japan's annual corrosion loss $9.2billion,of which chemical corrosion loss was $52.56% of the total losses. According to the US National Bureau of Standards investigation. The United States each year loss over 70 billion US dollars due to corrosion, in addition to economic losses, it brought heavy casualties, environmental pollution and waste of resources.

If you visited some corrosive environments of industrial buildings, such as Plating factories, bleaching and dyeing factories, Papermaking factories, Steel rolling mills, chemical plants, ceramics factories, aluminum factories and so on, you will never forget the case of steel tile corrsion was appallng sight. Gaozhu UPVC, FRP corrosion tile are born to solve corrosion problems.

Rusting Steel Roof

The Superiority Of GOEATE Roof Tile

Product Feature

1. Lasting beautiful color.

2. Excellent corrosive resistance.

3. Excellent weather resistance performance.

4. Good sound insulation.

5. Excellent waterproof performance.

6. Strong fire resistance.

7. Excellent load-carrying ability.

8. Excellent heat preservation and insulation.

9. Good impact resistance.

10. Excellent insulation.

11. Green and environment friendly.

12. Easy to install.

Product Application of GOEATE Synthetic Resin Tile

Widely used for beautiful countryside, flat-to-sloping roof conversion, old house renovation, mobile roof, garden, farm stay, tourist area, villa roofing and so on.

PVC Project

Product Application of GOEATE PVC Roof Tile

Factory building, Warehouse, Farm's market, Market access, Residential building, Mobile room, Flat-to-sloping roof conversion, Weather sheds, Sun sheds, Car parks, etc.

Very suitable for corrosive chemical factories. Such as ceramic factory, soy sauce factory, printing and dyeing factory, organic solvent factory and so on.




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