Installation Introduction of GOEATE Roof Tile

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2020/07/11

Rule for the Installation of Synthetic Resin Tile

1. Purline can choose square tube (60*40*3mm) or section steel (100*50*3mm) or anticorrosive flitch (60*40mm). The space between purlines is 660mm for 2.0mm thickness synthetic resin tile, 760mm space for 2.5mm thickness, and 860mm space for 3.0mm thickness synthetic resin tile.

2. Refer to the local wind direction, and install the main tile in the reverse direction. Erect a tile wave, and do it on both sides at the same time.

3. When installing the main ridge tiles, cut a part of the first ridge tile before installation.

4. When installing, the joining place between the main ridge tile and the tilted ridge tile should be sawed to be even.

5. Install the main ridge tile and the tilted ridge bdfore installing the three-way tile. The fixed parts are special fitting. When fixing, drill hole which is 2mm bigger than the lead screw of hook nail with electiric first. It is recommended to choose diameter 6.3mm tapping screws.

Install of Synthetic Resin Tile

Rule for the Installation of PVC Corrugated Roof Tile Series

1. Corrugated tile thickness≤1.3mm: inclined roof purline span≤600mm, arched roof purline span≤800.

2. 1.8mm≥corrugated tile thickness>1.3mm: Inclined roof purline span≤800mm, arched roof purline span≤900mm.

3. 3.0mm≥corrugated tile thickness>1.8mm: Inclined roof purline span≤900mm, arched roof purline span≤1000mm.

4. There are two waves in the horizontal lap joint of medium-wave/small trapezoid wave tiles. Vertical overlap>300mm.

5. To fix them with self-tapping screws, one must drill holes in advance with the bore dianeter 2-3mm more than the fixing screw diameter.

Note: The purline span is related to the workshop temperature. The higher workshop temperature, the smaller purline span. Otherwise it will laed to tile deformation.

Install of PVC Roof Tile

Notice of Products Installation

1. Prohitit to touch the surface with strong acid, strong alkai, substances.

2. Can not excessive curve UPVC roof tile to adviod damage.

3. The heat expansion and cold contraction of UPVC roof tile is diffent form steel tile, it should reserve space of expansion and pay attention to the embedding depth. Otherwise it may cause UPVC roof tile deformed and broken.

4. When installed, we recommend to use adedicated self-tapping screw and compression code. Especially in the tile cornices, you must press the code xompression.

5. Using neuter glass glue and suitablegasket material to prevent water leakge.




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