Test Standard of the Synthetic Resin Tile

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2020/07/11

Synthetic resin tile, with the high-tech chemical technology and new type of building materials, become the king products of many manufacturers. Excellent features such as light weight, high strength, waterproof and moisture proof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, sound insulation and heat insulation, etc., generally be used in residential buildings, Awnings, antique buildings and more, which can be exposure to UV, moisture, heat, cold and impact, but still keep the stability of color and physical properties.

Synthetic resin tile has very good corrosion resistance, keep the excellent performance in the rain and snow weather, and there is no reaction when soaked in the salt, alkali and 60% acid in 24 hours. It is very suitable use for corrosive workshop, acid rain-prone areas and costal areas. Synthetic resin tile surface dense and smooth, not easy to adsorb Dust, with "lotus leaf effect." after Rain washed, such as new. GOEATE synthetic resin tile 3MM, weight 5.8KG per square meter, it has good impact capability in low temperature, 1 kg steel ball fall from 3 meters high the tile can not make it crack, after 10 freeze-thaw cycles, can not make it hollowing, bubbling, peeling, cracking. All the statistic for the test will show in the quality certification.




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