You May Misunderstand Synthetic Resin Tile

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2020/07/11

Thicker will be safety?

Capability of the synthetic resin tile are different, because of the proportion between synthetic resin and Filling material are different too. the price of synthetic resin are about 10000 RMB/TONS,but the price of filling material are a few hundred RMB/TONS. Different proportion have different profit。Thicker tile maybe made up by more filling material, whcih are easy broken and not safety.

Weight of the Synthetic Resin Tile

Light weight is one of the features of the synthetic resin tile. Generally, 3.0mm thickness synthetic resin tile are 5.5kg per square meter, but the bad quality one are about 6.5kg per quare meter.

Is synthetic resin tile will never crack and not fade?

Unrealistic, although long life span are one of its feature, it also have the use life。bad quality tile will crack and color fade after 3-5 years,but good one have 30 years quality warranty and 10 years color not fade.




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