The Benefits of Using PVC Roof Tiles PVC Plastic Roofing Sheet Compared to Conventional Clay Tile

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2021/07/22

The clay tile is a common element in construction that has gradually been replaced by other more resistant materials such as PVC roof tiles/PVC plastic roofing sheets/PVC plastic roofing tiles.

The benefits of GOEATE PVC roof tiles/PVC plastic roofing sheet, as well as ceramic or clay tile, are:

1.Thermal isolation

2.Fire resistance

3.Frost resistance

4.Acoustic isolation

5.Ecological (PVC plastic roof tile is fully recyclable)

However,GOEATE PVC roof tiles/PVC plastic roofing sheet has shown to have other benefits in addition to the above:

1.Electrical isolation



4.Impact resistant

5.It has a guarantee in both color and resistance

6. Good impact resistance.

7. Excellent insulation.

8. Green and environment friendly.

9. Easy to install.

Ceramic or clay tile, although it has an excellent finish, is heavy, complex to install and expensive. The traditional tile is made from clay soil mixed with sand hardened by firing. Due to this, it has disadvantages such as porosity, leaks that cause damping in roofs and vaults, and brittleness, so it will be common to have to replace worn or broken tiles over time. 

On the contrary, PVC plastic roofing tiles offer a traditional aesthetic in sheets that cover a greater area than a clay tile. PVC plastic roof tile is a waterproof material, so it is completely waterproof and prevents leaks and damping of ceilings. GOEATE PVC roof tiles/PVC plastic roofing sheet does not break or wear easily, so its maintenance is much cheaper.




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