When You Should Reinforce Your Synthetic Resin Roofing

  • By:Gaoyi
  • Date:2020/07/11

Synthetic resin tile can be used in most of construction roofing. Compared with the other roof tile, it is famous as the better performance in anti-corrosion, weather resistance and durable life.

The Synthetic Resin Tile Should be Reinforced as Following Situation

1. If the construction build in earth quake or strong wind areas, it should be reinforce.

2. If the slope of the roof more than 50°,synthetic resin tile should be reinforce

3. It should be reinforce, especially in the eaves, both side of the ridge.

It is the ways to extend the span life of the synthetic resin tile by reinforce it, and it will also be more safety. Please take the construction environmental in consideration when you install it.




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